Secondary Screening Form for Children or Youth Worker
The disturbing and traumatic rise of physical and sexual abuse of children has claimed the attention of our nation and society. The following policies reflect our commitment to provide protective care of all children, youth and volunteers who participate in camp sponsored activities.

1. No adult who has been convicted of child abuse either (sexual, physical, or emotional abuse) should volunteer to work with the youth in any camp sponsored activity.

2. Adult survivors of child abuse need love and support of the Christian community. Any adult survivor who desires to volunteer in some capacity at our camp program should discuss his/her willingness with their minister, so both parties can be aware of any difficulties and support that might be needed.

3. All adult volunteers working within our camp program are required to receive the written endorsement of the congregation with which they are affiliated either by membership or regular involvement.

4. Adult volunteers working within our program should observe the "Two- Adult Rule" at all time so that no adult is ever alone with children. There are established places to counsel located throughout the campgrounds.

5. Adult volunteers will be contacted and informed of all camp policies before they arrive at camp. By their ministers or youth ministers and on the first day of each camp these policies will be gone over again.

6. Adult volunteers should immediately report to the camp director/deans any behavior that seems abusive or inappropriate.

7. Adult volunteers are asked to abide by the same dress code as the campers. We stress "modest is hottest" above all else.

8. Adult volunteers are volunteering to work and serve the children of our camp, this is not a vacation to come and relax. Please remember camp is for the campers not adults. We desire and encourage interaction with the campers just remember to put the campers first.

9. All adult volunteers are required to fill out a registration form and a volunteer application and turn them into their appropriate minister before the registration deadline.

Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter. We are striving to keep our children safe and provide a safe environment for our camp program. Boiling Springs Christian Service Camp Executive Board

Boiling Springs Christian Service Camp Adult Volunteer Application
(This information is confidential, only for Camp Board or Camp Dean)
First Name: Last Name:
Address: City: State: Zip:
Home Phone:
Church Home:
Cell Phone:

Christian Testimony:
Where were you baptized?
I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for years.

(If you have a unique testimony which others might benefit from hearing, please write it below, and we may ask you to share that testimony sometime during camp).

Special Skills or Training:
Do you have any special skills, certifications, or training? (Please add details below)

Child Welfare:
Have you ever been involved in a child welfare investigation in this or any other state?
If yes, provide information on back of this form:

Criminal History:
Have you ever been convicted of or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) to any criminal activity involving violence against a person; child abuse or neglect; possession, sale or distribution of illegal drugs; sexual misconduct; gross irresponsibility or disregard for the safety of others?

If Yes, please provide information below.

Statement of Acceptance
I hereby certify that this information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand the safety and well-being of the children is more important than my individual desires. I understand the camp will aggressively prosecute any misconduct toward children. I have read the camp rules, and understand my role as an example. I agree to work under the authority of the Camp Executive Board, and their designated Deans. I agree to actively and peacefully work to resolve conflicts. I understand that I serve at the discretion of the Camp Dean, and can be asked to leave the camp if necessary.

Sign with finger or mouse
(Signature of Applicant)

"Based on my knowledge of I recommend him/her for volunteer service at the Boiling Springs Christian Service Camp. I understand they will work closely with children. I have known them for years, and have witnessed consistent Christian character and conduct, and recommend them for service.
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(Signature of Sponsor)